Our Story- Chapter 1

The Little Green Tambourine was founded out of sheer love for kids, and a need to provide a positive, comfortable, clean, and safe space for kids to laugh, learn, play and grow. 

The Little Green Tambourine started as just an idea.  Miss Suzanne and her coworker, Miss Megan,  loved to teach but weren't quite satisfied with the conditions where they worked, or the behavior of other staff.  They began to talk about the standards they would have for their staff, the standards they would have for their space, until they realized, this place needs to exist.  Parents need a place where they could bring their kids, with confidence that their child will be treated with patience and compassion in a clean, safe space.

In 2008 The Little Green Tambourine officially opened, with our first birthday party ever- a spy bonanza for our very first client.  Since the beginning we have been perfecting our lesson plans to ensure our unique classes, events and parties run smoothly while kids have the time of their lives. 


We were the first and only Children's studio in CT that offers cooking classes for kids as young as 2 years old, and birthday parties where every guest bakes their own batch of cupcakes!  We continue to offer activities that can't be found at other studios in CT, such as perfume making, gardening, and activities at are super fun but a hassle to do at home, such as making slime and baking soda volcanoes!


At TLGT we believe children are our future, and deserve the best we have to offer.  Our teachers are patient, professional, compassionate, and love to teach.  We strive for smiles and laughs- seeing children happy is the best part of our jobs.​

Our Story- Chapter 2

2016 was a difficult year for Miss Suzanne.  A divorce and unfortunately timed mistake in eversource billing that led to gargantuan fees left both Miss Suzanne and TLGT in a financial hole.  Seeing no way to continue running, Miss Suzanne announced that The Little Green Tambourine would be closing its doors for good, that is,  until our beloved clients rallied to save us.  Turns out our clients agreed with Miss Megan and Miss Suzanne back in 2008- this place had to exist. Parents had found a place where they could bring their kids, with confidence that their child will be treated with patience and compassion in a clean, safe space, and they weren't about to let it disappear.


Within hours a gofundme was up and donations were pouring in to help Miss Suzanne get back on her feet.  Pamela Clarke stepped forward to run the business and is the new owner- now Miss Suzanne can focus on what she loves; teaching.


Through donations and Pam's help, we are back and ready to continue providing excellent care and unique activities for kids of all ages.  We are endlessly thankful for our amazing clients and thrilled to be so beloved that they stepped in to help when we needed it most. 

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