TLGT Camp in a Box 

Bring the fun of TLGT Summer Camp home with a TLGT Camp in a Box!  We know that this is a challenging time and we know that coming to the studio for camp this year might not be realistic.  We want to bring the fun of summer camp to your home with our TLGT Camps in a Box.  The activities in each box correspond to the activities offered in our camps at the studio.  A one day camp box contains 4-5 activities and a three day camp box contains 12-14 activities all around a specific theme.  These activities are similar to the activities you enjoy in our TLGT camps and include sensory play, art, science, games and cooking.  Included in each box are all of the supplies* to complete each activity and step-by-step instructions.  In addition, you will have access to videos that you can follow along as you enjoy the activities with your kiddo.  


*Food is not included so will need to be purchased before completing the cooking activities.  Some basic supplies such as scissors, glue and markers are also not included. 

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Boxes can be picked up at the studio or delivered to your home for a nominal fee.

Makes a great gift!

Suggested ages 3-8

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