Fall session begins the week of
September 12, 2022.

Register online at www.tlgtcanton.com or by  emailing contact@tlgtcanton.com.

Register for the full session or Drop in on a class!
Register online at www.tlgtcanton.com, call (860)352-5504  or email contact@tlgtcanton.com to see if there is space!

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Open Play

Suggested ages 1-5 with caregiver

Spend a morning at Valley Kids Co. with The Little Green Tambourine! Enjoy the indoor playscape and pretend play activity centers!

Little Makers

Suggested ages 2 1/2-5

Come explore and create at TLGT! Kids will do all the creating as they explore the magic of art through different materials, techniques and experiences.

Little Explorers

Suggested ages 1-3 with caregiver

This class is like the best playdate you will ever have! Toddlers will the opportunity to explore different art and sensory experiences each week. Explore right alongside your toddler, meet new families and have tons of fun!

After School Yoga

Suggested ages 5-11 (drop off)

Kids join Balasana Yoga and The Little Green Tambourine for yoga movement and breathing on their mats.  Each class brings a new element to the lesson. Creativity, games, laughter and participation to build strength, both physically and mentally. 

After School Cooking

Suggested ages 5-10 (drop off)

Not your basic cooking class!  Kids will be introduced to new ingredients and learn skills such as kitchen safety, proper food handling, recognizing and using appropriate kitchen tools, and reading a recipe.  Each week kids will make a new recipe to bring home and share!

Messy Cooking

Suggested ages 2-6 with caregiver

Each class children and their caregivers will bake a new recipe to enjoy.  Kids will love measuring, mixing and learning about new ingredients.  While our food cooks children and their caregivers will get to enjoy free play! 

Preschool Enrichment

Suggested ages 3-5 (drop off)

Our unique preschool enrichment program is designed to provide a hands-on kid-centered learning experience. Children will benefit from our creative learning experiences through science, yoga, art and music. They will discover how fun learning can be!

Toddler Playgroup

Suggested ages 9 months-2 years with caregiver

Come join Valley Kids Co. and The Little Green Tambourine for this fun toddler playgroup. Spend quality time with your toddler while they engage with the play centers. This is also a great opportunity to build new friendships with other moms and caregivers.

Class Policies

  • The Little Green Tambourine is a NUT-FREE facility.  Do not bring in or consume food or drink containing nuts at The Little Green Tambourine.

  • If a child has any known allergies, please make sure we are aware of this prior to the start of the class, event or camp.  We will be sure to make necessary accommodations when we are made aware of allergies ahead of time.

  • Doors open 5 minutes before the beginning of the class or event.  Please do not arrive earlier as we are still getting things ready for your class.

  • All children under 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent/guardian or any parent/guardian who intends to play on any of the equipment. No exceptions. The Little Green Tambourine has the right to refuse entry if a child does not have a waiver.

  • Outdoor footwear is prohibited in The Little Green Tambourine studio.  Shoes  must be removed upon entering the studio.  We reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone who does not have the proper footwear.

  • Please do not bring any child(ren) into The Little Green Tambourine when they are ill or have a communicable medical condition. We reserve the right to restrict admission and/or send the child home, when, in our opinion, that child is ill or risks the health or wellbeing of other children.

  • Parents/guardians and their child(ren) shall conduct themselves in a manner that does not threaten the health, well-being and full enjoyment of other visitors.

  • The Little Green Tambourine reserves the right to limit the number of people that occupy any area of the facility. Guests may be asked to wait outside the facility in order to remain within safe occupancy limits and will be admitted at Management’s discretion.

  • No rough play or fighting allowed. We do not tolerate bullying, fighting and/or rough/horse play. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to any guests involved in bullying, fighting, rough/horse play and/or disrespect of others and remove them from the facility without a refund.

  • Please respect the equipment, the toys, and others.

  • Facility should be used as instructed.

  •  The Little Green Tambourine is not responsible for loss, theft or damage of your property. Do not leave valuables or personal belongings unattended.

  • The Little Green Tambourine hours are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Guests must adhere to the rules and regulations and must follow any safety instructions and directions given by The Little Green Tambourine personnel. Management reserves the right to refuse admittance or remove any guest that does not follow these rules without a refund.


For the health and safety of our students and staff, please do not bring sick children to class.  Your child is too sick for class if they exhibit one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Wet, hacking cough

  • Vomiting within the past 24 hours

  • Sore throat

  • Fever

  • Headache

  • Needing to be kept home or being sent home from public school

If TLGT staff notices one or more of these symptoms you will be called and asked to bring your child home.

MAKE UP POLICY: Classes are not refundable.  If you are unable to attend a class that you are registered for, you must call 860-352-5504 or email contact@tlgtcanton.com BEFORE CLASS BEGINS.  If you do not call in advance, you forfeit the class.