Classes/ Events Policies



Doors open 5 minutes before the beginning of the class or event.  Please do not arrive earlier as we are still setting up and the floor will be wet from mopping.

Drop off events are drop off.  We offer a variety of Caregiver Participation events for children who are not comfortable being dropped off yet, but we cannot make any exceptions for drop off classes- it is disruptive as  the other students get upset that their caregivers aren't staying too, and many children get shy around adults they do not know.

Sick Policy:

For the health and safety of our students and staff, please do not bring sick children to class- We offer make up classes for children who miss class due to illness when you call in advance. Make up classes are not available for students who arrive sick and are sent home.

Your child is too sick for class if they exhibit one or more of the following symptoms:

-Discolored mucus

-Wet, hacking cough

-Vomiting within the past 24 hours

-Sore throat

-Crying and saying they feel too sick for class



-Needing to be kept home or being sent home from public school

If TLGT staff notices one or more of these symptoms you will be called and asked to bring your child home, forfeiting your make up class- Calling in advance guarantees a make up class, arriving with a sick child forfeits the make up class.  Please keep sick children home.

MAKE UP POLICY: Classes are not refundable.  If you are unable to attend a class that you are registered for, you must call 860-352-5504 or email BEFORE CLASS BEGINS to be eligible for a make up class.  If you do not call in advance, you forfeit your make up class.

Arriving with a sick child that is sent home does not qualify you for a make up class.  Please keep sick children home.

Birthday Parties


*Pricing information is available on our Pricing and Policies page.

*Parties will not exceed 18 children.

*Spa parties are NOT appropriate for children under 6 years old. Children under 6 may not attend. 

*With the exception of caregiver participation parties, parents of birthday guests are strongly encouraged to drop off.  Relatives of the birthday child are welcome to stay.  This is due to volume concerns- when a group of adults is chatting, it becomes very hard for the guests to hear our instructors as they guide the activity. 

*All children who attend are considered guests and included in the party price- including “observers.”

*All birthday parties require a non-­refundable deposit of $100.

*A final head count is due one week prior to your party.

*Doors open 15 minutes prior to the party start time. Please do not arrive

too early as we are still adding the finishing touches.

*We are a NUT FREE facility!

*While we will provide activities for the entire duration of the party, the parents of the birthday child

are responsible for the discipline of the party guests.

*Should a parent find the need to stay with their child during a party, they are required to redirect their

child if their child is behaving in a manner that is disruptive to the party and it’s guests.

*All birthday guests will be asked to sign a release to participate in activities at

The Little Green Tambourine, LLC.

*Due to allergy concerns, we do not allow outside food to be brought into the studio for birthday parties.  You may order food from our catering menu if you would like to provide snacks to your guests.  The exception to this is a nut-free cake.  We offer a catering menu if you would like to provide food other than cake.