TLGT Parties Catering Menu


Large cheese pizza (feeds about 7-9 children) - $20, each additional topping $2


Bagels and cream cheese (feeds about 10-12 children) - $15


Veggie platter with dip (feeds about 10-12 children) - $25 (conventional), $35 (organic)


Fruit platter (feeds about 10-12 children) - $30 (organic fruit will be used when possible)


Wraps (ham, roast beef, turkey, salami, tuna) (feeds about 10-12 children) - $65


Cold cut platter (ham, roast beef, turkey, salami, provolone cheese, American cheese) (feeds about 20 children) - $60


Juice - $0.75 per child (conventional) or $1 per child (organic)


Milk - $0.75 per child (conventional) or $1 per child (organic)


Water bottles - $0.50 per child


Cupcakes - $28 for 1 dozen


Cake - price based on size and design


Decorate Your Own Cupcakes - $50 for 1 dozen; Before singing Happy Birthday, kids will decorate their own cupcakes from options available from our toppings bar.


Ice Cream Sundae Bar -  $50 for 12 children includes 2 flavors of ice cream and five different toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummy bears, whipped cream and cherries


 Due to allergy concerns we do not allow outside food, excluding NUT FREE cake.

Call (860)352-5504 or Email for more information.