Homeschool Spanish

The Early Elementary students will learn to identify and communicate in the Spanish language through songs, conversations, games, stories and activities.  Topics will include:

* how to introduce myself and tell my age

* how to describe how I feel

* how to count from 0-100

* how to identify the weather 

* how to identify colors and say which is my favorite 

* how to identify shapes 

* how to identify farm animals and describe their size and color

* how to describe what I see in Autumn.


The Upper Elementary students will create a foundation of communicating in the Spanish language through conversations, activities, games, and videos.  Topics will include:

* how to introduce myself, tell how I feel, my age and where I am from

* how to identify where Spanish is spoken in the world

* how to recite the Spanish alphabet, recognize the specific sounds each letter makes and spell words in Spanish 

* how to identify colors and count from 0-100

* how to talk about the date, including days of the week, months, seasons and calendar.

$200 for the session ($150 for each additional sibling)

This class meets on Tuesdays from 1:00-2:30 from September 5 to November 28.


Ages 5-7 from 1:00-1:30

Ages 8-11 from 1:45-2:30

Come for the whole time or just for your class!  Drop your child off or stay and enjoy complimentary coffee for parents and activities for siblings.


$200 for the session ($150 for each additional sibling)

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