Preschool Enrichment


Come discover this high quality early learning program!  This class encourages early learners through hands on experiences and playful interactions focusing on literacy, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, creative arts, science and math.

We indulge in science, cooking, art, music and dramatic play in a safe, comfortable and home-like environment.  Our learning experiences are intertwined with these fun, interesting and engaging activities so that children learn to love school!!


Suggested ages 3 to 5 (drop off)

This class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-12:00 from March 5 to May 30.

What makes Preschool at TLGT so great?


Positive Learning Environment

At TLGT we work tirelessly to provide a safe, clean, positive space for our students that feels like home.  


Small Class Sizes

Our preschool classes have a maximum capacity of 8 children, with a ratio of one teacher per 4 kids.  This ensures that our teachers can give each child the individual attention they need.


A little bit of everything

Our preschoolers get an ideal sampling of all the super fun, hands on activities TLGT has to offer, such as art, music, science, and cooking, punctuated with free play.


Teachers who love to Teach

TLGT teachers are compassionate, energetic, fun, and patient.  They cheer on good behavior while addressing issues one on one in a positive manner.  At TLGT we want our students to know that we are proud of them, even when they have a rough day.

The cost for one day per week is $475 per session.  The cost for two days per week is $900 per session.  Payment plans are available.  E-mail us at for more information.

You can join the class at anytime if there is space available.

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