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Welcome to TLGT Summer Camps, where the fun never stops and the magic of summer comes to life!  Our super fun summer camp options are designed to embrace each child's creativity and uniqueness, creating an unforgettable experience. 


At TLGT, we believe in the power of laughter and adventure and our team of fun-loving, friendly and energetic counselors is here to make every moment unforgettable.  With programs carefully planned by a certified teacher, you can trust that your child will engage in age-appropriate activities that ignite their imagination and foster their growth.  Each session is intentionally kept small so children have the opportunity to build friendships, experience the feeling of belonging and connect with their counselors.

What makes TLGT Summer Camps so great?

  • Safety is our top priority - Staff is CPR and First Aid certified, ensuring a secure environment where kids can thrive and explore with confidence.  With our clean, spacious, naturally lit space, your child will feel right at home as they enjoy their summer camp journey.

  • Importance of balance - We understand the importance of balance, which is why our counselors expertly curate a mix of active and passive activities.  From exciting games to relaxing crafts, every day is filled with a variety of experiences that keep your child engaged and entertained.

  • Power of connections - With intentionally small sessions, your child will have the opportunity to build friendships, experience a true sense of belonging, and connect with their dedicated counselors who are passionate about nurturing their growth.

  • Celebrate families - We offer special discounts for multiple children making camps an even more joyful and affordable experience for your kiddos.

Get ready for a summer filled with laughter, learning and lasting memories.  Enroll your child today and let TLGT be their gateway to an extraordinary summer!  At TLGT, we're here to ignite your child's imagination, inspire their curiosity and create moments that will leave them beaming with joy.  Let's make this summer the best one yet!

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